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LibHideIP (LIBrary for Hiding the IP) is a library which partially (read below for limitations) ensures that no program under its control can obtain the local IP address. LibHideIP does this by intercepting calls to some C library functions and replacing them by its own substitutes.
The IP address that would be obtained is first changed to a neutral address, like or and returned to the caller.

Requirements for compiling:

Type ./configure to configure the library for your system.

If you want to enable the public interface of LibHideIP, configure the library with ./configure --enable-public-interface.

The public interface is compatible with SWIG, so you can make native bindings to LibHideIP for any supported language.

LibHideIP allows some programs to be banned (not allowed to run under LibHideIP, because they might need accesss to the IP address). One banning file is always supported - ${sysconfdir}/libhideip.progban (${sysconfdir} is /usr/local/etc unless set otherwise during configure).

If you want to disable additional banning files pointed to by environment variables, configure the library with ./configure --enable-environment=no

If you want to disable additional banning files in users' home directories, configure the library with ./configure --enable-user-files=no

Type make to compile the library.

LibHideIP assumes that your host has maximum 100 aliases and addresses. If you think this number is not enough, configure LibHideIP with ./configure --with-max-host-names=n or compile LibHideIP with: make CFLAGS='-DLHIP_MAX_HOSTNAMES=n' where 'n' is your desired number (10 is minimum).

Documentation comes complied (and can be copied right away), but can be changed and recompiled, if you have the makeinfo program (texinfo package).

Type make install to install the library. Read the docs on how to make the library running.

Type info libhideip (after installation) or info doc/ (before installation) to get help.

RPM dependencies:



LibHideIP can do nothing if:

System compatibility

LibHideIP compiles on the following systems:

Download LibHideIP

Current version is 1.5.
Download this at SourceForge.

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